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Hello from Ontario, Canada!

My work stems from my 30 years in public education as a teacher, consultant, and as a school-based and senior administrator where I learned daily from students, staff, parents, and colleagues. My doctoral work centred on principals’ understandings of the literac(ies) of Old Colony Mennonites – a minoritized culture that comprised about 85% of my school population. As a literacies scholar, I am also fascinated by how people make meaning from non-text based sources (e.g. icons, signs, labels).  This interest has led me to study how Old Colony Mennonites shop when they are unfamiliar with written English, the stories told on cemetery stones, and what teachers display on their classroom walls.


My undergraduate education is in Physical Education and Kinesiology. I did both my Masters and Ph.D. work at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. After defending my doctorate, I began teaching graduate courses at the Faculty of Education, and undergraduate courses in the Childhood and Social Institutions program at King’s University College, an affiliated college to Western University.

As a Northeastern Husky, I teach in the Dissertation in Practice, and also in the Curriculum concentration for the Graduate School of Education. In the Winter quarter 2020, I have the pleasure of teaching a new Doctoral Seminar course that focuses on curricular approaches in early childhood education. This course is special in that it was co-constructed with several of our doctoral students who have interest in, and passion for early learning.


My most recent publications can be found as entries in the digital Bloomsbury repository found at THIS LINK.

A colleague and I have shared our experiences capturing and utilizing fieldnotes as data in a chapter of a soon to be released book by Routledge. Watch this space for more details!

Wendy Crocker

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